Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wait, it reveals the IP?

Millay Freschi had attempted to contact Kalel about her concerns regarding alt detection, via notecard. The permissions of the notecard made it unreadable, and Kalel had asked me to get hold of Millay if possible, since she is on my friends list.
Below is the conversation I had with her on October 30, 2010.

--Emiley Tomsen 13:13, 30 October 2010 (UTC)

Main points from the chat:
Millay does not want any alt-detection system used on any land she controls or works with, period.
Millay is going to petition Linden Labs to make alt detection a TOS violation.

[05:17:21] Emiley Tomsen: Hello Millay, Kalel told me you had tried
to get in touch with him about our alt detection system, but the
notecard you sent wasn't readable due to the permissions. Did you
recieve his message on that?
[05:21:50] millay Freschi: yes...i did receive a message that he
wasn't able to open that card
[05:22:20] millay Freschi: mostly i just want everyone who is using
that to know that I do NOT under any circumstance want that used on a
four bridges sim
[05:23:10] millay Freschi: i don't mean to sound disrespectful but i
feel that is in total violation of privacy. it's something i'm
intending to protest with linden
[05:24:04] Emiley Tomsen: Was Kalel able to get to talk to you
regarding your concerns?
[05:24:19] millay Freschi: no...i sent an IM but he must have been busy.
[05:25:01] millay Freschi: i know that some of our organizations work
with JLU and i just want to make sure that even in their workl for the
other orgs, those things are not permitted on 4B
[05:26:03] Emiley Tomsen: I can also answer questions you have on the
system, and I can also assure you that this is not meant to violate
anyone's privacy. We've been hearing some people spread rumours about
how they think the system reveals RL info, or lets us hack bank
accounts or other misinformation.
[05:26:27] millay Freschi: does it reveal the IP?
[05:26:45] Emiley Tomsen: Yes, but so do all websites.
[05:27:12] millay Freschi: yes i understand that. i really do but i
can't allow those on 4B.
[05:27:18] millay Freschi: i just can't
[05:27:58] millay Freschi: i think that there may be a time and a
place for them though frankly i can't imagine it my own self but i
worry about the privacy issues and what we're giving up by allowing
these sorts of things

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