Saturday, 3 September 2011

JLU - Cease and desist!

26th Aug 2011, JLU ordered to stop using their spyware!

[16:46] Kara Timtam via comm: Kara Timtam | Justice Island <63,160,29> | 2011-08-26 4:30pm | Brainiac is hacked again, but will that stop us? Watch public areas for trouble please. - c11f46c08802522bcc7f50b59f3e186f
[16:47] Kara Timtam: Okay. We are not allowed to use our databases for inworld investigations anymore.
[16:48] Kara Kent [Kara Timtam]: They may have robbed us of this tool but the LEAGUE survives.
[16:48] Emiley Tomsen: We don't scan IPs though.
[16:48] Kara Kent [Kara Timtam]: That is true, and we never did.
[16:48] Kara Kent [Kara Timtam]: Kal will write a note card on the exact orders from LL.
[16:49] Kara Kent [Kara Timtam]: The League has not been shut down
[16:49] Kara Kent [Kara Timtam]: Hold on to that.


Kalel Venkman: Oh, also, before we wrap up here, I wanted to say that the chances of them actually getting another copy of the BWiki are slim to none at this point. The first time was because we didn't take much trouble about hiding the presence of the site from the world and relied on a simple password check, which they managed to bypass.
Kalel Venkman: That bug has been fixed long ago.
Kalel Venkman: Years.
Kalel Venkman: The second time was when I bypassed our usual protocols and gave an infiltrator access to it. And again, we've changed our admissions policies and upgraded our procedures to the point where this too is not likely to happen a second time.
Kalel Venkman: The last thing they can try is to hack our server itself, and we've already caught them trying this - and failing. They were trying to exploit a bug in our web sites that we patched two years ago.
Maverick Grunfeld: It is possible to happen, but would require a 1. long standing resident involved and aroudn league members and 2. bad references from people around the table.
ZenMondo Wormser: I just have to say "Pride goeth before the fall" but I think we are more secrure these days.
Maverick Grunfeld: So, as always, before giving somebody a blessing here, make sure you've known them well for a very long time.
Vagabond Carter: right
Kalel Venkman: So stay alert, but on the other hand, don't drink the Kool-Aid. Tux has been bragging about how he had a mole in the League for over a year now, and if he actually had one, he'd have acted on information he uncovered that way, and all we've seen from him is guesswork based on a 1-3/4 year old partial copy of our wiki.
Kalel Venkman: So he's got nothing, and we know it.