Sunday, 21 August 2011

IP Database - Where it came from

We have had a lot of emails asking us where we acquired this list of IP's etc.  The answer is a simple one, but is one that will shock a lot of users and people who have trust within the JLU.  The IP database is extracted from the JLU's "secure" PhantomZone.  This is solid proof that the JLU are harvesting your IP's and linking them to your avatar for whatever use they see fit.  This is an invasion of privacy and a severe violation of the ToS, something in which lead to mass bans for Emerald creators and is frowned upon majorly by Linden Lab.  If you see your name on this list then you should be worried, but to avoid further concern, you should block media to the domain and the IP of the server which it is held on, as within the server is which is also used for various things.

You have been warned.

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