Thursday, 25 August 2011

Soft Linden Interactions Part 2

[08:39 AM] Kalel Venkman: Anyway, last week we were looking at the front page of
Hazim Gazov's web site wondering where the real content was.
[08:39 AM] Kalel Venkman: Now we know.
[08:39 AM] Samantha Lowell: I meant to ask about that myself
[08:39 AM] Samantha Lowell: That code had me puzled
[08:39 AM] Kalel Venkman: [-- LINK REMOVED IN CASE OF ANY RL INFO --]
[08:39 AM] Melanippe Karas: ?
[08:40 AM] Kalel Venkman: That's the front end of his griefer blog.
[08:40 AM] Kalel Venkman: He's still in it up to his eyebrows.
[08:40 AM] Kalel Venkman: Now we can track what he's up to.
[08:41 AM] BilliAnn Bravin: Cool.
[08:41 AM] Kalel Venkman: We can also hand over the site to the Lindens who can
find a way to block anyone attempting to use that client.
[08:41 AM] Emiley Tomsen: They know about that site actually, SOft Linden told

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