Monday, 22 August 2011

JLU RE: Furnation

Furnation, after the sim owners made it clear the JLU wasn't welcome the JLU discuss (3rd July 2011):

[08:39:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That's the reason, although someone told me that I'm the only JLU allowed to go to the Furnation sims according to Corsi. I didn't know that until then.
[08:39:59] Kohaku Owatatsumi: Morning Feen!
[08:39:59] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Morning, Feens.
[08:40:10] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Yeah, except that Corsi isn't the final word.
[08:40:12] Kohaku Owatatsumi: That sounds like Corsi
[08:40:25] Sam Brautigan: oh, sorry, got my wires crossed, I'm reading slow today
[08:40:28] Shayera Hol (samantha.lowell): Corsi has...problems. Lots of drama in that group. I stay clear any more
[08:40:38] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): One of our alumni is an estate manager there,
and frankly, any of us that wishes to go may go.
[08:40:47] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Wow
[08:40:55] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Vixus Snowpaw will watch our backs.
[08:40:56] Kohaku Owatatsumi: I haven't been motivated to visit there since the Age of W
[08:40:58] Sam Brautigan: I got to FN frequently, though not on duty
[08:41:06] Sam Brautigan: I have friends who build there
[08:41:22] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And Corsi has no idea who's who in the JLU anyway, except maybe me.

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