Monday, 22 August 2011

Kalel Speech...we barfed, did you?

Kalel's Speech - Oh the irony!

Evening meeting - 10th July 2011

[17:45] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): When I first came to Second Life, I didn't realize how much like real life this place can be. This virtual world is populated by the complete spectrum of humanity.
[17:46] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): The vast majority are generous, thoughtful, intelligent and caring. A few, however, take delight in tormenting others. It's these few that can destroy the very fabric of this virtual society.
[17:46] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): I used to think I could script up some superpowers and tackle these people on my own. I was wrong. I can't do it alone. The job can't be done by one person.
[17:46] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): The flashy costumes and comic book personnae are a lot of fun - if it wasn't fun, we wouldn't do it. But they do more than that. These costumes are a part of our culture.
[17:46] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): They stand for something people want to believe in. They represent truth, and justice. We're more than people in brightly colored costumes. We're symbols of hope.
[17:46] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): And hope is what the people of Second Life need probably more than anything right now.
[17:47] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): Banded together, we can come to the aid of the good people of Second Life.
[17:47] Kal-El (kalel.venkman): We can earn the public trust, and come to their defense. but we can only do this if we demonstrate, time and time again, that we're on their side. And the only way to do that is to take the highest road we can.

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